Go from high functioning stress case to happy and present . 

If you are struggling with stress, stuck in negative thought loops, have zero room for self-care, and feeling run down THIS IS FOR YOU. I know what it feels like to think things can’t change. It leaves you unmotivated, it feels like you’re trapped, and it makes you think something is wrong with you. But really, it feels like resentment, it feels like anxiety, it feels like frustration, and it feels like shit.

This program was created for you to break through your old habits and paradigms so that you can align your thoughts, habits and actions to create the life you’ve always wanted, despite what your circumstances are.

This program arms you with the tools that didn’t come with that life manual you received. What you learn over the next 90 days will stay with you forever.

Together we will:

  • Tease out your negative mindset and start seeing things from a different perspective
  • Address your self-sabotaging behaviors and create boundaries
  • Get to know your limiting beliefs and live from your values
  • Learn supportive alternatives to your self-destructive coping mechanisms.
  • And so much more

It’s time to take responsibility for your life. Find out what is truly important to you and live a life in alignment so you can be the relaxed, confident, present, happy person and experience all that life has to offer. You and your loved ones are worth the change you’ve been avoiding.

This is for the high achiever who is:

  • Exhausted by the highs and lows of life
  • Spends their time worrying about what they hope doesn’t happen than they do about planning and strategizing about what they do want in their life
  • Distracted by what’s next rather than being present
  • Trying to convince people they are okay than actually taking time to be okay
  • Doing everything you’re “suppose” to be doing and yet feeling empty, drained, and exhausted each day
    Asking themselves if life is really supposed to be this stressful
  • Can’t even enjoy the life they’ve built
  • Doesn’t know how to truly care or prioritize themselves
  • Doesn’t have a handle on their negative self-talk

At the end of our 90 days, you will…

  • See things more positively 
  • Be clear on what is truly important in your life
  • Have tools to not only manage stress but have a healthy relationship with it
  • Have confidence in understanding what your emotions mean and how to handle them
  • Have boundaries with yourself and others
  • Create habits and self-care routines that energize you 
  • Bring fun and play back into your life
  • Embrace the challenges of life rather than fear them

What the package includes:

  • 7 coaching calls
  • Unlimited support between calls
  • Weekly action steps
  • High levels of accountability from a Behavior Analyst
  • Curated assignments to help you move forward between calls

Please note: Any client who wants to work on food-related behaviors must commit to 6 months of working together.