Coaching Services

6 Month Pathway to Health and Wellness

For the perpetually stuck and “I’ve tried everything, nothing works” crew, allow me to introduce you to healing your relationship to food and your body. I will guide you in taking a deep dive into your relationship with food. We will address the practical approaches to wellness, self-sabotaging behaviors, your mindset, stressors, and coping skills. We will take a holistic approach and be sure that sleep, stress management, water intake, mindset, and exercise are playing their part in your overall wellness and lifestyle. In this program, you will

  • Get curated support and accountability for your individual needs to reach your goals

  • Learn behavioral tips and tricks to finally master habit change and become intrinsically motivated

  • Say no to your all-or-nothing approach to food and exercise for good and integrate wellness into your lifestyle

Together we will increase your energy, sustain your health habits, and heal your relationship with food, your body, and in turn yourself. Who wins when you win?

90 Day Pathway to Empowerment

In this program, we reclaim your life and create that balance you are looking for. If you are struggling with stress, stuck in negative thought loops, have zero room for self-care, and feeling run down THIS IS FOR YOU. I know what it feels like to sacrifice the things you enjoy because you are stretched too thin, and what it’s like to make everyone and everything else a priority. It feels like resentment, it feels like anxiety, it feels like anger, and it feels like shit. I will guide you on your journey to empowerment by:

  • Teasing out your negative mindset and start seeing things from a different perspective
  • Address your self-sabotaging behaviors and create boundaries
  • Get to know your limiting beliefs and live from your values
  • Learn supportive alternatives to your self-destructive coping mechanisms.

It’s time to take responsibility for your life. Find out what is truly important to you and live a life in alignment so you can be the relaxed, present, happy person that you’ve been looking for. You and your loved ones are worth the change you’ve been avoiding.

Connect and Check

Our paths change direction throughout our lives. This 45-minute call is for clients who have completed one of my signature programs within the last two years. Let’s reframe some of the negative thoughts or fears you are having. Let’s work together to determine what’s getting in the way of this new crossroads you are experiencing. You have elevated your habits, beliefs, and identity before and you can do it again! I am here for you.